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Eat Clean. Live Clean.

We make healthy food that’s fun to eat. We believe in the power of wise choices to improve the health of people and our planet. We’re dedicated to educating the next generation about our shared responsibility to co-exist sustainably.

That’s why we donate a portion of the profits from each and every one of our products sold towards educating our kids about exercise and healthy eating and providing funding to help under served youth access enriching opportunities.

The Power of Nature

For some kids, surfing, snowboarding, playing at the beach, hiking in the woods or letting their minds run wild in the outdoors is a normal part of life. For others, it’s just idealized images on an Instagram feed. Some children grow up with access to fresh organic food and they carry these habits  and expectations with them for the rest of their lives. For other children, food comes from a can or box, and soda is what you have with breakfast.

Fit Dad and Son - Healthy Habits Start With the Family
Family Doing Yoga at the Beach

Closing the Gap

This health and fitness gap is real and has real world consequences by limiting their physical and intellectual potential and clipping the wings of their imaginations and expectations. We seek to close that gap to the best of our abilities by providing free educational tools to our schools and financial support to organizations making a difference.

Our Brands

Dedicated To Delicious and Unique Specialty Food with an Emphasis on Functional Ingredients

DRNX Adoptogenic Spice and Infused Waters


Spice Infused Adaptogenic Waters

Most sports drinks are basically sugar water jacked up with artificial flavors and colors – and day-glow colors and table sugar are not performance or hydration.

Low calorie drinks mostly solved the sugar issue but offer very little for someone seeking a performance edge, enhanced recovery or achieving homeostasis. Basically they’re just mildly flavored H2o.

Enter DRNX – Spice Infused Adaptogenic Waters. DRNX is a clean label, sugar free, performance oriented beverage.  Lively, refreshing and finishing clean, DRNX offers true hydration, novel and bright spice inspired flavors from around the world, and an adaptogenic blend unique in the market.

Starting with trusted and proven adaptogens such as Maca, Holy Basil, Panax Ginseng, Astragalus, Ashwagandha root, and Inositol we pair these with popular ergogenic extracts (performance enhancers) like d-Glucuronolactone, and Chromium Picolinate and then link them with a synergistic blend of the antioxidants Coffee Fruit, Elderberry, and Pomegranate.

To bring it all together we add 25mg of gentle, non-jittery, naturally-occurring caffeine from Green Tea and Green Coffee Beans.

The result is a beverage that leaves you refreshed, hydrated, and running at peak performance, all day, every day.

Berg Bites The Original Oat and Energy Bite

Berg Bites

The Original Oat N’ Energy Bites

Energy bars are often just sugar bars. It’s tough to find a delicious snack loaded with the stuff we really need to run clean without slowing our bodies with refined carbs, concentrated added sugars and preservatives.

Enter Berg Bites – The Original Oat and Energy Bites. Starting with heart healthy whole oats we add pre-biotic fiber, pea protein, MCT oil, and Omega 3 powerhouses like chia and hemp seeds. Then we deliver them in an memorable and attractive puck that leaps off the shelf and provides a joyful tactile experience.

The result is a convenient and sinfully delicious, gluten free vegan snack that keeps you nourished and satiated. Just a few bites satisfy your cravings and keep you energized and nourished for hours!

Each Puck Contains:

  • 7G Plant Protein
  • 6G Pre-biotic Fiber
  • 1000MG Omega 3
  • 1600MG MCT
  • Vegan & Gluten Free

Our Team

Daniel Berg

CEO and Founder

What happens in elementary school doesn’t always stay in elementary school.

Sometimes, it’s where a business is born.

At age 10, Berg Bites CEO and founder Dan Berg accompanied his father to the gym every week. This exposure to health and fitness was a formative influence over Dan. It didn’t just inspire him to work out. It inspired him to incubate a business idea from the family living room.

Preteen Dan began the research and development of Berg Bites in middle school. He taught himself about food and nutrition and purged the family home of junk food. By high school, he was producing the Berg Bites prototype: nutritious and delicious balls of peanut butter, chocolate, oats, and seeds, served to friends and family as the one and only Berg-approved dessert. These crowd-pleasers became the original Chocolate Chip Madness flavor of Berg Bites.

Rolled within each bite is the family legacy that nurtured Dan and his vision. Dan’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to health food fused in college, where he and his dormmates couldn’t easily find healthy snacks. Dan’s mother shipped the bites to the hungry students, who gratefully devoured them. It was a moment of truth for Dan, who had been thinking about the business angle since high school. It was time to fulfill the call of destiny and transform Berg Bites into the corporation of Dan’s lifelong dream.

F3 reflects founder Dan Berg’s passion for health and wellness, a topic Dan has been studying consistently since childhood. With more than a decade of research and development behind him, Dan is now a full-time businessman on a mission to show consumers how fun, exciting, and satisfying it is to eat clean foods and beverages.

Clay Butler

Clay Butler

Creative Director and Co-founder

Three things have been a constant in Clay’s life. A passion for art, standing up for social justice and promoting health and fitness. His job is to communicate F3’s core values through forward thinking, clean label brands that are relevant to people’s lives.

Over the last 15 years Clay has helped startups and established companies on the move bring their ideas and products to market – often handling naming and tagline development, sales copy, e-commerce web development, promotional and trade show materials and even sourcing bottle, jars, cans and print packaging.

As a storyboard designer he’s worked with Discovery Channel, Google, Intel, Cliff Bar, Disney, Oracle, Lilly, Yahoo, Bayer, Shaquille O’Neal and many other companies and organizations, both large and small, to help focus their scripts for production.

When not helping run the F3 empire, Clay can be found night surfing and losing himself in his passion for landscape photography.

Erik Kugler

Erik Kugler

CPA and Financial Advisor

Erik Kugler is a CPA who specializes in startups and growing businesses.  He has started and grown his own nationally recognized retail brand, and has served as CFO for multiple companies for the past 25 years.

Erik understands first-hand what financial techniques businesses must implement to grow, and how a financial information system can be engaged to fuel the growth.

F3 Advisory Board

Len Ross

Len Ross

Finance and Strategic Sourcing

Len Ross supports F3 as a finance and strategy advisor. Prior to advisory work he was a Director at PepsiCo where he managed packaging and ingredients procurement for the Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Quaker and Gatorade brands. He previously held finance roles with JP Morgan Chase and a packaging startup.

 His specialties relating to procurement include:

• Negotiation
• Strategic sourcing
• Supplier relationships
• Supply chain optimization
• Driving cost savings
• Commodity risk management